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Nightime Reuseables??

Have been using Bumgenius for 10 months now, wihno problems. But as little one has got bigger and slept for longer have had to add more inserts into the napy for nighttimes to keep him dry.

Had been using 2 large inserts and 4 small ones in one nappy to get him through the night. Made for a really bulky nappy and would gap around the legs a bit. But he would stay on his back and would be fine. But since he started crawling he moves around onto his front and back and side much more during the night, which seems to have caused the nappies to start leaking.

Can anyone reccommend inserts for night times? Or perhapsa different nappy for nightime?

Thanks VIcki


  • Hi
    I use a bamboo nappy with a fleece topped booster inside and another booster between nappy & wrap for nights. Putting the additional booster between the nappy & wrap doesnt leave the gap around the legs you might get with putting it inside the nappy.
    Pocket nappies just dont last for us at night & Ive not had a leak yet when Ive combined this with a Motherease wrap.
    A number of companies (WeeNotions come to mind) do specific night nappies but I already have a few two parters in my stash which I just boost up a bit.
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