poppers or aplix?

want to get some in prep for bambinos arrival but really not sure which are better, can you give your opinions please ladies?



  • Personally I prefer the poppers but I think i'll probably be in the minority - it is just personal preference though so maybe get a sample of each and see which you prefer? xxx
  • I would agree with poppers. You get a much better fit imo with aplix but as my 6 month old deftly demonstrated this morning they're easy for baby to open themselves so maybe a combo of both?
  • So maybe some aplix for when they're younger and poppers for once they learn how to undress themselves? :lol:
  • I prefer aplix, although baby undoing them can be an issue!! It seems to fit better and is easier to get on a wriggly baby!

    Good luck, well done for giving reusables a try!

    FYI, have a look at clothnappytree.com

  • Definitely prefer poppers as you don't have to remember to fasten before washing like you do with velcro and they're much easier for putting on your little one once they're on the move. We've just got some new Bumgenius V4 from Screaming Green, had some V3's before from there too but V4's are definitely better as we've bought them with the popper option.

    Good luck x
  • Thanks ladies.

    I can't believe all the choice now. With my other two (9 and 5) I used terry nappies and really loving the thought of not needing pins now. image
  • i wish the nappies i use (little lambs) did poppers as my daughter undoes her nappies so no showing off nice wraps for me!
  • Thanks a bunch ladies. I ordered 1 of each to have a look at and I think hubs and I agree that we prefer the one with poppers so will probably get those to start and see how we go. image
  • Personally I prefer aplix as I found the sizing & fit difficult with poppers - either too tight or too gappy when they're between sizes. My LO very occasionally pulls the aplix open but not often (he's a very feisty 16 month old) and really this is the same as using disposables & you don't hear many mums using disposables complaining that their LO's are always pulling their nappies off!
    I use Close Parent Pop-in nappies which I think are brilliant - I tried A LOT of different ones before I settled on this.
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