best liners?

i am just coming to the end of my flushable liners which have been rubbish, what should i get next?


  • We buy the boots flushable liners and they work for us! x
  • I've tried several liners now and my favorites are Tots Bots Spunlace liners. They are nice and strong but very soft at the same time. They're also supposed to be the most biodegradable! Got mine from but I think most online suppliers stock them.

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  • we dont use liners, I just give the bapplies a rinse before a 60 degree wash!

    Em x
  • I used reusable fleece liners which we bough from a lovely lady on eBay!
  • I'm using totsbots easyfit nappies with flushable liners I that with one they stuck to Aila's bits so I tried doubling them up and they've been much better for that however they don't really contain all her poo we end up with some on the nappies. I washed a load today and one came put quite stained so I put it on the windowsill in the sun and it's co
    E out great!

    What problems have you had with the flushables? I'll be keeping an eye on replies to see what people suggest

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  • We buy ours from little green earthlets. 100 sheets for ??3.50 and we've been pleased, you can wash the wee ones and use them again too.
  • i have bought some fleece ones to use from ebay, i found the flusahble ones kept LOs bum wet so i am hoping for a dryer bottom with the fleece, they didnt always contain the poop either x
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