What are your thoughts on.........

reusable nappies? I'd love to know what you think. I didn't use them with my twins but am intrigued as to whether to use them or not this time. The things I want to know are:

Is it expensive?
Are they big and bulky
Are the too hot for baby
Does it cause nappy rash
Do they wash easy enough
How many do you need
What do you need
What are the difference between the different styles
Which would you recommend to me

I'd be very grateful if you could give me some advice as I don't really know where to start!! :\?:\?:\?


  • Hi, my advice would be as follows
    1. The outlay is expensive but if you use them you will save overall.
    2. Yes they are bigger and bulkier than a disposable nappy but they look so cute and make little mans bum squishy and lovely.
    3. I've never felt that he is too hot in them but well he's too little to ask!
    4. I used disposable for the first five days until little mans cord fell off and he had nappy rash I have used reusables since and he has never had nappy rash.
    5. Can't vouch for all but I use lollipop pop n gro and they wash well, now I have started weaning little man his poop is more solid making it easier as it generally stays on the liner (always exceptions). Do have to scrub them a bit if he's had a poop explosion but nothing too bad.
    I have 27, I would say you need at least 20 unless you want to be tumble drying them which is costly. I use about 10 per day and wash them at least every other day.

    I can only advice on the one's I've got, I think they are great. Hubbie and I went to the baby show in London to look at all the different styles, the fluffy, patterned one's look fantastic but can be very slow drying, the different sized one's for different stages cost more than the one nappy fits all but they are probably a bit more bulky.

    My advice would be if your not sure don't do it, yes it's great to use reusables but only if you use them. I know so many people who have brought them and not used them now that is expensive. They are hard work but I think it is worth it. The other thing that people say to me is that they leak, the reason for this is many people are so overwhelmed with the arrival of baby they don't use them for a few months. I used mine from day 5, little man peed little and often so the nappy could cope. The more you wash the nappy the more absorbent they get so as his pees got bigger, the nappy could cope. Put a nappy not at full absorbency on a four month old and it won't be able to cope with the amount of pee. Hope that helps x
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