how do you stop the wee smell?

i'm currently waiting for an apponmtner for the pediatrition for my little girl as she has very strong amonia smelling wee whihc is breaking down her skin (which is why we have switched to reusables)

my prob is that she is constantly smelling of wee not long after i change the nappy. i try to change her nappy as often as i can but if i was to change it after each wee i'd be going through 20+ nappies a day!

is there anyway i can mask the wee smell like dispoabled do?


  • im guessing by the 19 views and no replies that this isnt the place to get advice about reusable nappies then? didnt get much help on my other topic either. oh well
  • Hey Sleepybeccie,
    I can't offer advice to help, but I've been keeping an eye on all reusable threads at the moment as I'm considering using them at the moment.
    There is a lot of reusable topics that get quite a lot of action over in baby so post there and see if anyone can help you.
  • beccie try over on they have much more information xxxx
  • Hey hun - as said above cloth nappy tree is great for advice.
    Every now and again my little ones' nappies begin to smell of wee, almost as soon as I've put them on them!
    It is recommended with reuseables that when they start to smell like this, do a strip wash, which breaks down any leftover smells in the nappy fabric. If you go on cloth nappy tree there are various posts about how to do this. What I do is put a dishwasher tablet directly in the machine with the nappies, then put it on a wash at 60, then a further rinse cycle, then hang on the line to dry. It works a treat! xxxx
  • thanks for this advice - never heard of stripping nappies but makes perfect sense and explains why adding napisan didn't help!
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