Baby Eczema

Hi, I've been searching the net for informatioin on eczema in babies and found a thread on here about a little baby who was itching so badly he was making himself bleed. I had to register to post a comment but unfortunately can't find the thread. The story really brought tears to my eyes.
My 7 month old has worsening eczema. It really is upsetting to watch his skin seesaw between a pale dry rash to erupting into aggressive red flares and feeling totally helpless to do anything for him.
He started with just dry hard skin on the crease of his ankles, within a couple of months it has covered his back, tummy, nappy area (which has dried up, peeled and is drying up again) and shoulders, and is appearing sporadically on his head, face, arms, legs and hands. Everywhere really. It just makes me feel sad, although luckilly so far he hasn't started to scratch it, I know it's only a matter of time and, as it gets warmer, I fear he's going to get worse.
I have cream from doctors but it doesn't seem to be working any more so I've been looking at alternative and natural treatments, I've read everything from bleach in the bath (No way - I wouldn't bath in it myself, why would I risk my baby's skin!) to Scottish oats!
I'd be really interested to hear from other mum's who's children are suffering and what it is they have tried and worked/didn't work for them. (For the record I tried the scottish oat bath a couple of times but there was no improvement for my boy!)
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