nappy wash day

Hi all

As a first timer using re usables i have decided with 2 1/2 wks to go i should wash my nappies.

Do i judt wash them at 60 degrees as it says on the label or does anyone elser have any tips

They are bambino mio by the way




  • I've heard bambino mios are fine at 40C... will watch for replies! The idea of washing my own instead of using a service appeals to me too.
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  • They should be fine at 40C, I use a different brand but I only bother washing at 60C if they are badly stained, otherwise 40C is fine. If you are prewashing them 30C might even be enough, you are only trying to wash the production chemicals out to increase the absorbancy. Don't forget not to use softner and you should only need half the normal quantity of powder/liquid. If you can, running an extra rinse cycle to make sure there is no detergant left on them makes them more absorbant too.
  • If you only need half detergent, does this mean you only need one liqui-tab? We use tablets instead of liquid and was wondering if same rules apply....

    I was going to get Fairy non-bio for baby's clothes would this be enough for nappies as well?

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  • Yeah, I think one liqui tab should be fine, you just don't want to use too much as it can build up on the fibres and make them less absorbant. I wash all Millie's nappies with Persil small and mighty non bio so the Fairy should work perfectly well.
  • Thanks for the advice bedhead

    I just couldn't fnd much info in the leaflet that comes with them.

    Just got to practise folding them now!!! (that should be fun!! )


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  • I'm really interested in using reuable nappies but i'm finding it all very confusing. If anyone who is a pro with these i would love some advice, things like how many of each size, do you use half and half (reuasble and disposables) as i have read this is a good idea, and how good are they? Are these nappies like the old terries that always looked as though the baby was swimming in them. Any advice would be great ta
  • I just wash my nappies in a 40 wash, then every so often I will put them on a 60 wash x
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