First nappy and not impressed - help!

Hey ladies

My son is two weeks old and I tried him in a reusable for the first time yesterday. I'd pre-washed it but only once, as per the instructions, with no fabric conditioner. I didn't mind so much how bulky it was on him compared to disposables but he was boiling hot when we undressed him and he was soaked through to his vest. This was after about 3 hours of wearing it. It's a lollipop microfibre fleece with a separate wrap. I didn't put the booster pad in as it already looked massive on him!
I've washed it again now and will try it again tomorrow but I was so disappointed. I really want to use reusables as much as possible but I'll be sending the unwashed nappies back if things don't improve with a few more washes....can anyone offer me some words of encouragement / advice?!

Cheers in advance!


  • Hi there, I don't use that particular brand of nappy, but a couple of things about leaks. 1 - it would be pretty common for a leak to happen after 3 hours in a cloth nappy if the baby is awake. I found that my baby could wear them overnight without leaking but during the day I wanted to change them every two - three hours to stop the leaking. Also, on very new babies like yours, they just might not have fat enough tummys and legs yet to really fit the nappy properly. I found that I managed to stop the leaks with some trial and error and got better at putting them on so that they wouldn't leak. Make sure that there are no gaps around the legs or the waist. Don't give up!! Hope this helps../
  • Thanks for that Rubee. Since my post I've spoken to a lady at Lollipop and followed her advice and things seem to be much better. I think that how wet the outside of the inner was freaked me out a bit but the material that's against his skin is actually fairly dry and they do seem to be fitting better now that he's put weight on. So I've bitten the bullet today and washed the other nappies, so going full-time on the washables from tomorrow, woohoo!
  • I also had a few leaks to start (with bumgenius). I do find we have to change them more frequently than disposables. I really like the bumgenius but was v unimpressed with the bamboozles. We got these for night and when I changed him his bum was always soaking wet as if he'd been sitting in a wet towel for ages! At least the microfibre of the bumgenius seems to keep him relatively dry. I hated the idea of him sleeping with a soaking bum so we now use a couple of disposables a night.
  • Hi I have used the onelife nappy since my son was 3 weeks old, I hated it at first and totally regretted buying them but after perserverance I love them. Reuben is 14 months old and I love them. He only lasted 2/1/2 hours as a newborn but now will last 4hrs. I used disposables with my daughter and had constant nappy rash, with Reuben the only time we get a sore bum is when he is teething. The odd time that I have used disposables when my washer broke or when I forgot to turn the washer on with nappies in and then ran out, I have found them easy to use but he became sore very quickly and was happy to go back to washables. I am due again in August and would def use washables again.
  • I used reusable nappies with my first four children and plan to continue with my fifth due in August. I'm still using my stock of Kooshie nappies that I originally bought 14 years ago. I find them absolutely fantastic but they do take a bit of getting used to. I'm not even sure if you can still buy that make but I have seen some of the up to date cloth nappies and they look just as good. It night be worth seeing if another cloth liner would help, but please persevere as I have saved a fortune in money as well as the enormous benefits to our enviroment.
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