Best fit for skinny legs

Hello ladies, was wondering if you could help me.

DS is 4 weeks old and up till now we have been using disposables, decided today to give our reusables a go.

First on was a totsbots teenyfit, seemed to work well but was only wet, then we tried a swaddlebees fitted in small, which didn't appear to fit well, seemed too small round his tum and way too big round his legs, we then had a poo incident to deal with and to say that containment was poor is an understatement! I only have 1 teenyfit and 3 swaddlebees the rest of my stash are birth to potty types and I'm waiting for him to get a bit bigger before I try them out (have a mix of totsbots, bg and wonderoos)

Anyway my question is: am I doing something wrong with the swaddlebees or are they just not a good fit on my beanpole son? Are there any other brands you would recommend for skinny legged babies.

Faye x

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  • Hiya, when our ds, who has pretty skinny legs, was very small we used mostly a two part system with tots bots nappies and motherease wraps - containment was great! When he was about 7 months old we added in some pocket nappies (Coolababies) which initially were quite gappy around the legs and there were a few incidents but he quickly grew into them and from about 8 or 9 months they have been great. I would say at the very young stage and coping with newborn runny poo you should try a two part system. hope that helps! x
  • Thank you so much for replying,
    I have been using the motherease wraps over the top but they also seem quite big with leg gaps, ah well, will just have to keep trying and hope he gets a little chubbier!
    Thanks again x
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