so much choice - where do i start??!!

Hello ladies,

Just after some advice really.

With our dd we decided to use reusables and brought a load of terries not realising that there is so much more choice out there. We were using them for a couple of months before having to live away from home for 2 months over the summer where washing them was just more hassle. When we returned home i never went back to using them as i found our dd was to wriggly and terries just ended up being more hassle.

I know there are lots and lots of choices out there but i dont know where to start or if some are better than others. I did see several months back, a long posting by someone that outlined the different sorts, but i didnt think to save it.

im looking for a reusable which isnt big and bulky like terries and is easy to put on with no fiddling etc. i.e easy to put on a wriggling baby!

Baby no2 is due in 10weeks and i would like to get my head round the choices of nappies available .
Is it easier to go through someone local who does trial packs - don't know much about these thought, if anyone has experience they could share that would be great.

All ideas, advice welcome.


  • i'll try to bump the original post for you.

    we use bumgenius pocket nappies and love them. coolababys are very similar and about a third of the price. they are both birth to potty. i like the bg as they are a velcro fastening so really easy to put on.

    where abous do you live? i know someone who rents a nappy bucket, but it's lancashire. try contacting your council to see if they know someone who rents a nappy bucket.
  • ive bumped it in pregnancy. real nappy 101
  • Thanks calleigh, just off to book mark the post.

    There will no doubt be more questions to come lol!
    Sadly im the opposite end of the country down in the south east!
  • id second bumgenius v3's. I found the choice really mind boggling, and to be honest, i dont think its very easy to make a descion as there are so many terms that wont mean much to you unless youve used them all ready. I think there needs to be a lot more support and advice available to get people useing these.

    I would get a couple of popular nappies and give them a try. Then go from there!

    Em x is excellent for advice!
  • Theres me thinking that I've just about got my head around the different types of nappies. Only to find that theres a choice of about 15 different makes of nappy under each type of nappy lol!
  • which ones are you looking at?
  • i have bg v3s, flips, fuzzi bunz, totsbots, lollipops, weenotions (all pocket nappies) and, with only one exception (meeting poeple and showing off her weenotions with her name on) i put dd in bg v3s!
  • we used bg V3's, motherease birth to potty with airflow wraps and a couple of blueberry minky nappies just becaues they're soooo gorgeous !
    bg's lasted to potty training whereas motherease were struggling a little size wise, depends on the size of your baby to a certain extent. We got all ours online from Screaming Green. If you have a look at their site they explain a lot of the terminology of each different type etc and they only charge ??1 postage now for anything I think. Hope this helps and good luck.
  • I have been looking at this too and found that the Babykind website is very useful. They also let you trial various nappies so you can decide later if you want. Definitely worth a look I think. I am yet to order but baby is not due for another 10 weeks. . . .
  • Sorry for not replying sooner.

    Im thinking of the pocket/all in one nappies. Although the all in one nappies are the slowest drying.

    The pocket nappies i believe have the pocket to insert an extra liner in. Presumingly this pocket doesnt leak anything out?!!
    Whats the difference between the different makes?
  • I've just started using our lovely new Totsbots easyfit - they're similar to pocket nappies but the inner is attached you just fold it then pop it back into the pouch in nappy. I find they dry quite quickly I rims and wash them on the morning then by night they are dry that's having them on an aired in the nursery so line drying would be even quicker. We bought 20 and I'm washing every 2nd day ( along with cheeky wipes the reusable baby wipes). Totsbots also do a washing powder called potion which sanitises at 30degrees .

    I got a trial pack from our local council which had the different types and brands of nappies.
    Ight be worth seeing if you council do similar.

    We choose totsbots as the easyfit is very convenient (this was important for my hubby) and come in adorable prints too. I was also keen as they are Scottish Family run co
    Pant based in Glasgow. Theyhave a facebook group and sometimes do competitions for freebies so might also worth you joining that. Hope you find something that works for you.
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