non-greasy nappy creams?

I'm just reading that cloth nappies should not be used with greasy nappy cream? Whats greasy though?! sudocreme?

And whats better instead?

As you can see I have nothing better to do with my Saturday night than to sit reading about washable nappies

:lol: xxx


  • Don't worry I've had many a night reading about reuseable!
    Not sure I can can help as haven't heard this one. I sometimes use kamillosan which is fairly greasy, i think most nappy creams are barriers so tend to be greasy. I also make up my own moisturising cream for my lo which isn't greasy using a plain base cream mixed with evening primrose, jojoba and chamomile & it works a brilliantly(at treating rather than preventing rash).x
  • I use Bepanthan on the rare occasions Millie has a sore bum. Not had any problems with it but I do use flushable liners so it doesn't actually get on the nappy itself.
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