New user of bumgenius one size Bit of advice please

Hi Ladies,
Today ive recieved my order of bum genius, cant wait to use them.
Just a quick question, Do you use disposable nappy liners with them ? or maybe fleese ?

Thanks for any advice
Love Koala X

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  • We had the Bumgenius organic nappies from screaming green, I'm not sure if the inside materials were different to the new ones but we always used the flushable paper liners which I think we got from the same place. My little boy was always quite loose and so I found it much easier with the flushable liners than trying to sluice poo off the nappies. Good Luck we loved our Bumgenius and they were large enough to see us through to potty training at 2 which was great as the motherease we had didn't make it past 18months.
  • Thanks for your help,
    Used them overnight as a first try, Very impressed and a happy baby.
  • we use fleece washable liners that i cut to size myself from a meter of the fabric so they fit exactly. paper liners are a total unnecessary faff. washable ones just go straight in the nappy bucket.
  • calleigh - can i ask where you got the fleece liner fabric from??x
  • the market. washed it and it works a treat. i used to feel it after she'd weed as it was still almost dry, despite her nappy being really wet! fleece liners are amazing. the paper ones were just a mass of sogginess next to her bum. she rarely has any redness, and if so it's a little bit that goes straight away when i use her moisteriser. it cost ??4.99 for a meter of pink fleece, that did over 20 pieces so plenty. and it's pink!
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