White vinegar

How do you go about adding white vinegar to the last rinse of wash. When do you stop the machine or do you let it finish and then run a second rinse run? Do you add the vinegar to the detergent dispenser or fabric conditioner one? please advise. anna


  • hummm, I'm not a fan of the vinegar adding thing - my sister does it & it hasn't made any difference to how white her nappies are, her terries are beige & manky where as mine are white & stain free because I put them out in the sun (when we get any!) & that keeps them white where as my sister (who lives in the south of France) tumble dries hers & they look yucky! lol!
    When I was over to visit & was putting the nappy washes on she told me to put it in the dispenser drawer, but which bit will depend on your machine I'd have thought...does your instructions manual tell you what each compartment is for? FYI, I only bothered put the vinegar in for a few washes & then stopped (without telling her!) cuz it made no difference to her skanky nappies! lol!
    Sorry I don't know more.

  • I put it in instead of the fabric conditioner. I just do one wash and it seems to do the trick for me! You are not supposed to use fabric conditioner as it affects the absorbency of the nappies, which I have found when my mum has washed then for me and used conditioner instead of vinegar. Oh, by the way, the only place I can find it is Wilkinson's, if that is any help. I tried white malt vinegar from Tesco's first and it didn't work, I just ended up with strange smelling nappies.
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