Loving my reusables

Just a quick post to say how much i am loving my reusables.

Began using them 2 weeks ago after choosing the Loilipop Pop n Gro all in ones.
We used a nappy library first through the council to see what we liked and then because they were so easy and quick drying went with the PnG.
Was a bit worried at first because we had leaks, but after tightening when put on, a few more spins in the wash and adding the bamboo booster (DD is a very wet little girl) they are excellent.
Everyone is well impressed with them and i love them.



  • Yay! I have chosen these one's and they are all sat in their drawers waiting to be used, great to hear that you love them. I have washed them twice with washing powder not gel as advised but if you have anymore tips of suggestions please share! x
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