which ones?

Hi, i'm currently 20+2 wks pregnant and have decided we want to try using reusables but there are so many out there. How do you choose whcih ones to try? Can you get a free sample to try first? What is everyone else using and what do you think of them? Have you tried some shich you didn't like. Sorry for all the questions! xx


  • You are very unlikely to get free samples and as ebay won't sell used nappies you'll find it difficult to get 2nd hand ones. You could try an NCT nearly-new sale but they are unlikely to have any of the more modern types.

    I have three types:

    Motherease one-size
    - birth to potty
    - bulky on young baby
    - need outer cover

    - I love these!
    - birth to potty
    - slimish fit
    - no outer cover
    - take a long time to dry

    - sized so need more as baby grows
    - no outer cover
    - lovely bright red velvet outer (look great under dress)

    I need to get more and will probably get more pop-in ones. However my LO is only 11 weeks so more advice is needed.

    H xx
  • HI
    Check out Kittykins .com site - they are really helpful and informative.
    If you can, have a look at some nappies in the flesh and when LO comes, see if you can try a few different stylesa (some councils have a borrowing scheme). I use Bumgenius pockets (have posted details on this forum today), but each parent has their own favourites.
    Good luck
  • Hi,

    If you want to get some to try cheaply, try www.usednappies.co.uk This is where I've got a few nappies lately, unlike stupid ebay they actually allow 2nd hand nappies to be sold - after all they're meant to be "re-used"!!!

    I use Tots Bots, I find they contain everything well and fit my daughter snugly. She is quite petite and the Onelife I got for her originally still don't really fit even at 6 months. I wouldn't go and get a birth to potty set until you know they suit your baby!

    I couldn't get on with Bambino Mio, they just didn't contain the wee and we had several leaks before I gave up. Still using their wraps with my Tots Bots though so you can pick and mix!

    Corinna x
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