Reuseables and travelling....

Can this be done or is it best to use disposables for convenience? Just wondering really, want to use resuables but will be travelling to see grandparents and my mum thinks I'm bonkers to even contemplate resuables away from home.... :\?


  • It depends how long you are going for and what facilities you have, and the age of the baby. If I go to my mums for the weekend I use Millie's normal reusables, I only wash every 3 days anyway so it just means taking an extra bag for wet nappies. If I was going somewhere without washing facilities then 2 nights would probably be as long as I could manage with the reuasables so I'd take disposables. How long would you be going for?
  • We would be away from Friday to Sunday evening so it could be done maybe with a few disposables thrown in just in case....
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