Rainbow BB or Naughty Baby?

I am considering starting to use reusable nappies mainly because my maternity pay stops soon so looking for ways to save money and allow myself to take my full year maternity leave. Plus I have degradable nappy sacks and keep thinking how pointless it is considering the content of the degradable bag is not degradable for another 500 years or so! Haha. Anyway, seen the above on Ebay and wondered if anyone else has tried either of these brands. I know someone who said Rainbow BB are quite good, especially considering the price, but never heard anything of the Naughty Baby range. They both seem to be quite similar so am stuck as to which one to buy. They are both a similar price. The only difference making me lean more towards the Naughty Baby ones is that they are based in Bristol instead of Rainbow BBs China so I would get them quicker.

Any advice? x


  • Thanks Sugarpuff. They do look really good, and they have a money back guarantee if I don't like them. Need to be quick thought, deciding in 7 days from receipt! x
  • Hi Megan'sMum, just wondering what you went for in the end & what you thought?
    I've been reading about the Rainbow BB & Coolababy nappies (think they may be made by the same company?)
    - But if there's something very similar, made in the UK for the same sort of price... I'd be very interested!
    Anna x
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