2 babies with v small age gap anyone?

I had my DD Jessica on June 12th 08, and have just discovered I'm pregnant again with #2, due around 5th May 09 which myself and my husband are delighted about.  My babies will have just 11 months between them - I wondered if anyone else had 2 babies very close in age, and if you have any survival tips to share as I feel like I must be mad!!

many thanks


  • Hi and welcome to pp! A few of us on here have experience of small age gaps, theres 18m between my two and its alot easier than i thought it would be. The pregnancy is harder with a baby to look after tho!
  • Im only on my first child!

    But wanted to say welcome to pp and Congratulations

    Love the breastfeeding reasonsimage

  • Hi and welcome to PP!

    I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and have a 1 year old daughter! There will be 15 months between my 2! I sometimes wonder if I am crazy but it's too late now!!!!!

    Chat soon!!

  • Hi lacewing, welcome to PP, hope you'll come on a lot more in the future, we mostly hang out in the Lounge forum.  Gorgeous baby, very cute!

    There is three and a half years between my two but that was mostly down to taking 15 months to fall pregnant the second time, but for us it worked out for the best I think.  At least with a small gap you get all the nappies and weaning and potty training over and done with a short space of time rather than have years of nappies ahead of you.  Congrats on the pregnancy,  Let us know how it goes.

  • I only have the one as well but also would like to welcome you to pp.

    Congratulations on your daughter(she looks lovely) ad congrats on your pregnancy.

    Like nicola says there are a few on here with small age gaps.

  • thanks for the warm welcome ladies.  I guess we'll wait and see how things work out - just like you Caroline, its too late now hehe!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all a lot better

  • Hi lm Lena and new too all this!!. Ive seven children and the younger end they where all born quite close together. Girl March 98, boy Jan 2000, girl Sept 01, boy Aug 03 ( had a rest haha) and boy 05!!. Busy life while they where smaller but loads better now. U can get through it, but you could have few gray hairs at the end of it all.
  • Hello, ive got 3 kids under 2 n half! plus a 7yr old and its not as bad as i thought it would be youll be fine.
  • Hiya welcome to pp,

    im pretty new on here too,

    Im mummy to Jack whos 15months and number 2 is due in a couple of weeks, so i cant say how it is yet but the pregnancy is certainly harder work with a baby in tow, just be very aware of how much u lift as my back has suffered alot with jack not walking or crawling until he was 13mnths xx

  • welcome to pp, I am also only on my first but we are ttc another.

    I'm Karen and mami to Hollie who is 13 months old. 

  • i think the trick is to rest as much as possible. My mum had 6, me being the oldest. And she had 4 in 4 years. Crazy woman.

    Anyway she used to make the evening dinner at around 2 and heat it up later because it was before the older ones had to be picked up from school but also because most of the babies had a nap around then. And it saved the chaos at tea time esp coz most babies can be ratty at that time. 

    Also to not get to worried if the house is a mess. I tell everyone that they are welcome at anytime but they take us as they find us. And if they dont understand then they obv are not very good friends anyway.

    One last piece is to try and have a major declutter before baby is born, less stuff mess less things to tidy up. 

  • Speaking of de clutter, i think andrew is pregnant?image

    Since we have been told sprout may be delivered friday hes done ALL the diy ive been nagging him about for atleast a year, and is even going to put shelves in the lobby a job id given up on as hed said it was unecessary! men are strange creatures xxxx

  • Hi Lacewing.I have 6 kids,with my 7th due May 15th.I have a9 year old,then 8,6,3,nearly 2,and 7 months.When baby comes I'll have three under 2.5 and it'll be busy.We had a 17 month age gap with our 1st 2,a 15 month gap with our last 2,these next 2 it'll be 14 months.yours are much closer.You find a way to manage,whatever works for you.Don't worry about mess,don't care what other people think.I know in our house when there's a new baby it takes a while to adjust.Take help wherever you're offered.Get yourself a pushchair you like so you can get out and about for your sanity.Although it's hard work with 2 lots of nappies'2 not walking,2 needing you to do everything,don't forget they're only babies for such a short time so enjoy them.
  • my mum says she didnt know how she managed but coz of the small age gap the kids were friends and now they are like 2 sets of twins and loves it.
  • I'd agree with you there,Linz.My two babies are just 15 months apart and apart from a wobbly day or two in the first week Arwen loves her"Tildababy".It started with just hugs and kisses,and now she lays down with Matilda when she's playing on the floor and plays with her.They're always making each other laugh.Don't suppose she remembers before Matilda was born.Hope they stay best buddies
  • My sister is 3 and we have a cousin whos only just 4, my mum is his full time childminder and they are so close and totally love one another although my cousin, eddie, just started school, my sister is devastated poor thing!

    Also have cousins with a 10mnth age gap also girl boy and theyre really close always have been and they are now 9 and 10!

  • saying all this though there will be a 2 year age gap between pip and Ayesha and a 4 1/2 year gap between pip and Isabelle but I am wondering how I am going to cope. The school run I am dreading. I already hate it.
  • Ihate the school runs.They get in the way of feeding,get in the way of sleeps and you have to take your little one out in all weather.It is a good excuse to make sure you get out everyday for a walk.
    Bridie and Erin are 2 years apart and reasonably good friends.There's always someone to do dollies or ponies or whatever girly games going on.Spose it'll be clothes and make up before long.They already shut themselves in their rooms for "parties".
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