Teething symptons

Hi All,

I wondered if anyone could help me. I was wondering what the symptoms of teething were and how early babies can get their milk teeth through?

My 7 week old has started to dribble a lot more than usual and is sticking his tongue out of his mouth quite a lot. At first I thought he was just thirsty and he has been drinking more water than usual but he still does it after drinking 2-3 oz of water.

Can someone tell me what I should be looking for, i.e. what should the gums look like when his teeth are ready to come through. Also, for when they finally do start to appear what is the best thing to use to ease the pain and also the sleepless nights that I'm expecting!



  • My little man had a tooth by 17wks, i never felt it nor wer his gums swollen just a bit pink, he just dribbled ALOT and had a bad tummy sometimes, no sleepless nights though thanx to dentinox teething gel only one suitable from birth and teething powder by ashtons which soothes the tumy upsets. hope that helps, he also liked to chew on a cold wet muslin (not so good this time of year) or a gel teether that i kept in the fridge. hope that helps xx
  • Bonjela and the nelsons powders are good. Also the nuby icy bite keys which you keep in the fridge
  • Hi,

    It appears that he has a cold hence the need for more fluids. he has a blocked nose and is having to breath through his mouth. I knew something was up just got the diagnosis wrong!

  • ah bless him. Least you know what it is now and you have a few tips for when the teething does start
  • oh bless, hope he gets better soon, and good luck for when teething begins, its not always the nightmare its made out my son never had any bother till his 13th tooth!! and then it was just bad tummy! x
  • Hi Everyone,

    Max is now 9 weeks old and I think he has definately started teething (he still isnt over his cold yet).

     He is desperatly trying to put his fist in his mouth, his cheeks are flushed of an evening, he is very cranky after 6pm (!) and he is dribbling a bit more than usual. I gave him some calpol tonight just to calm him down but I dont want to go down that route every night so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get something that can go in his mouth as he isnt able to hold a teething ring just yet. I have refridgerated his dummy but it doesnt last long at all.

    I am also going to try Dentinox....any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


  • the teething powders are good aswell, i had the same problem with jack not being old enough for a teether, mam do a bunny head teething cloth i just used pop one of the ears in jacks mouth and he could hold it there with his fist and its also not heavy/bulky to fall out, these are from boots! and tomee tippee do these stange teether/dummys ill try and get a link for you,

    hope hes feeling better soon xxx

  • Hi Laura,

     I have ordered 4 of the Gummy Teethers! thanks for the links.

    Tonight I have used the Dentinox gel and it has worked brilliantly. That and putting his dummys in the fridge have certainly kept him calm in comparison to last night.

     Thankd for your help

    Rachel xx

  • we had the gummy teethers and once jack was used to them they were ace!!! also a saviour when theres a tooth in there and u need to apply teething gel without being bitten!!!

    Hope hes over the worst of it soon, they look so cute when they cut the 1st tooth! Jacks now has 16, hes had them since 11mnths!


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