not sure if this is the right board to post on, but here goes.

we are planning to christen our little girl next spring. im not religous but its important to my MIL that Ava is christened and i dont really see any reason not to.

[however my 4 year old from a previous relationship is not christened, and i do feel a little weird about that, but, what can i do ?!]

and i have no idea where to start. how much does the church cost? does it cost? best type of venue for party after? do we get gifts for the godparents? i dont know what im doing !

any comments would be very much appreciated.


  • thanks !

    id love to get my son done too, but his dad would flip a lid if i did ! so cant really do it, unfortunately.

  • Our local church charges £25 for a christening to cover costs.

    I think in total we spent about £220, that covered the pub room, invitations,  food, decorations, a £60 dress, kids entetainment - bubbles, colouring pens and party bags and the church.

    We didn't give the godparents gifts.

  • Aw, I was hoping that godparents got gifts - I'm due to be one in December!

    Haven't got ours 'done' yet, bit of a question over denominations and countries...  However, every one I have been to, the 'reception' was held at someone's house.  I don't think you need to spend a fortune, get family to help wtih food, bringing sandwiches, cakes, hope that the parents of the other children ralise it is their job to entertain them, not yours, and you should be OK. 

    What suggestions do others have for gifts for the baptised baby?  Girls are easy (as ever) but what about boys?  Can't buy a silver bangle for a boy...

  • I bought my godson a me to you money box! His mum is obsessed with me to you bears so i knew she would like it!

    If you go to most garden centres they do a baby range and have lovely things to choose from! I could spend a small fortune in ours! they do lovely christeing Terramundis.

  • Hmm, if you're not religious why dont you have a baby-naming ceremony instead - that will appeal to guests and family members of all religions, and none! The Humanist Society offers advice on how to run them but you dont have to use their celebrants; we are doing ours ourselves in an upstairs room in the local cafe-bar.
  • If it wouldn't be your choice to have your children Christened, then don't do it for someone else's benefit.

     We are not a religious family either, however I knew I wanted to mark the occasion so we had a naming ceremony at our local registry office. It was great, really impressed with the venue and the coordinator. In much the same way as in a Church there were readings, songs and friends who we had named as been 'supportive parents' e.g. the Godparents.

    It was a first for everyone who attended and they all commented on 'modern times' and how they all enjoyed it. I also believe that the religious people amongst our attendees would much rather attend that then have us having our children Christened when we have no intention of raising them that way. Again with our children been 13 months apart we had them both 'named' at the same time - there was no issue with age.

     The things we do to please family eh image

  • Good luck with the Christening plans.
    Nicolette what about a cross on a chain for a boy?
    Pauline x
  • I'd like to get all three of ours done together in the summer when the new one comes along though not sure how it will work out with ex partners etc.  My ex would be o.k with it but not sure about my stepson and how does all that figure with God parents? Do we pick the same God parents for all three and is it still tradition to have 3 god parents per child? Two god fathers and one god mother for a girl and vice versa for a boy? Or I am I getting confused?

    Anyway we will just have a quiet ceremony and then a barbeque like we have every summer!

  • And what about a silver cup or tankard as a keepsake for a boy?
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