very distractable baby - advice please!

Can anyone help? My 6-week-old daughter (my first baby) is very lively and gets easily distracted when breastfeeding; unless she is very hungry or it is the nighttime feed and therefore almost dark, she constantly looks around at my clothes, hair, the sofa, wallpaper - anything! Sometimes she takes my nipple with her, other times she comes off. If I move her to another position she then starts rooting and wants to go back to the breast. This can go on for quite a while and she can end up acting v frustrated. She will even try to throw herself off my shoulder (i think to either get back to feeding or to look at what has fascinated her), which is a bit scary!

Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any advice?

Thanks, Lorna


  • I had the same thing with my daughter, and thre only thing i can say is it passed very quickly. It was a nightmare though as i had to shut myself away from any distractions when i fed her during the phase.

    I found that if i held her hand and talked to her she would look at my face and feed nicely (most of the time). But the other thing i did do is to take her off and leave her cry, not for long though and i found when i put her back on she would suddenly decide she is hungry after all and feed nicely.

    But all in all the distraction phase only lasted a couple of weeks and it soon passed so she could be fed anywhere with anything going on in the background.

    Hope something works soon for you.  

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