I'm sure you have probably seen but Sainsburys are doing loads of baby stuff 1/2 price at the mo image

I got myself some Johnsons bits and peices image and maybe a few things for when baby comes along image lol I know I am rubbish at waiting lol


  • thanks for the tip! blimey, you are starting early!! i feel like i have been pregnant forever and still have ages to go.. i didn't buy anything for Ben til my third trimester as was paranoid about mc. hope you have a safe place to put your stuff - i would definitely lose it/forget it!!

    congratulations on your happy news, is this your first?

  • Hi Lucy,

    To be honest the stuff I have bought is stuff I usually have at home anyway as my niece sometimes stays so if I have to bath her I have it all ready and it was baby wipes which I usually use to remove make up etc so its not so bad - dont want to buy anything like prams or clothes yet as I think I would be very paranoid if I did image This is my first - but its takens so long to get here - it took us 11 months ttc image

    BTW Ben is very cute - do you know what your new baby is?

  • Mel they were £2.50 for 249 or something like that?! I thought that was a good price considering the amount I go through anyway image
  • lol good plan hun lol

    Sam said if I wanted I could buy some things in the January Sale and put them away I can but not sure image

  • Sarah you will get lots of stuff in the sales in January and tbh once you get to 12weeks i didn't worry so much but don't forget you are going to be needing bigger sizes in the winter stuff and as you don't know sex i would stick to buying anything you think will be ok for summer or vests/sleepsuits. oh and maternity stuff!!! oooh im soo excited for you i knew we would get here!
  • thanks for the heads up
  • lol Mel will tell my mum shes going to be buying my pram - I have chosen the Pilko Pramette in Polka image I chose that agesssssssssssssssssssss ago after sharing prams etc with you girls lol

    Nicola - I have asked my mum for vouchers for Christmas so I can go and buy some maternity things but shes refusing image says its boring so will just have to spends Sams money insteadimage

    But all seriousness thanks for your help girlies will defo go in just for the neutral things etc imageand wont buy too much image lol

  • how exciting Sarah!!!
  • I saw a pramette for sale today up the market it was second hand but in good condition, not sure how much it was though as i didnt ask about it. I love Hollie's pramette, but want a new one for this baby because hers was second hand when we bought it so want a new shiny one lol.
  • If you see things you want to get but dont want it in the house(if your skeptic(sp) then ask someone if they would store them for you. My mum had ton of baby clothes at her house till i was 8mths gone then had them all brought over so i could go through them.

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