Anyone else have babystyle lux 3 in 1 pram


 I cant stop myself looking at new prams but we no not need one as my mum bought us a babystyle lux 3 in 1 travel system 4 years ago.

 But i was looking at the babystyle website and i really like the S3D chassis.

Does anyone know if i can attach the carrycot that we already have to this chassis?

And also can a buggy board be attached to the original lux chassis and the S3D?

I am going to go to a stockist after the feastive season to pick their brains about it  image

 Thanks everyone


  • well spoke to someone at the chemist that have the brochure for babystyle and she gave them a ring

    they were no help they said "it is compatable but its a tight fit"

    but i thought either it will work or it wont work so know i am trying to find some local that has the pram that i can ask

    Emma xxx

  • ive had a similar problem ith i-candy, i think sometimes they are just being unhelpfull hoping well pay out more money!

    Hope you have some luck soon xxx

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