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Hay Girlies,

Sorry not been around alot been so busy at work but have been logging on to see how you all are etc image

Just thought I would let you know that I had my scan today which went really well and everything was fine managed to see the babies feet and fingers and arms and legs image was really fab!

Baby is a right wriggler so managed to bounce itself around a few times which was quite funny especially when they were trying to measure it lol

Anyway here is a piccie from our scan - not a fantastic picture as the hospital kept all the really good photos!! GRRR but you can still tell its definitely a baby! LOL



  • thats is sooooo clear. Congratulations hun, you must be over the moon
  • I know we have already spoke but wanted to post on here as well -  glad it went well. You can deff see its a baby! Really, really happy for you both x x
  • fantastic picture, glad things went well x x x image
  • thanks girlies - the picture that the scan people had was alot clearer you could see hands and toes so clear image

    Hope your all well image

  • Sarah i know i spoke to you earlier but i am so pleased your scan went so well. That is such a great photo for 12 weeks, i seem to remember Hollie just looked like a sack of spuds with knobbly bits for arms and legs lol. I wish i was allowed a picture at the 12 week scan, the hospital is mean, but i will definately be getting pictures at the 20 week scan.

    I have my scan on wednesday so will let you know how it went. I am so nervous about it, but luckily it is at 9.30am so will be over and done with really soon. image

  • That's good it's all going well Sarah.Can't believe you're 12 weeks already.That's a good picture,scans are never very clear at that stage.That definately looks like a baby.
    Hope your scan goes well too on Wednesday,Karen.Still can't believe your hospital won't let you have a picture to bring home.
  • Wow Sarah thats a fab scan picture, my 12 week one was crap, really grainy and didnt look much like a baby!!

    Glad everything is going well, its a huge relief when you reach te 12 week mark isn't it?

    karen hope your scan goes well, are you taking Hollie with you?

  • Thanks jo and sammi. Yes we are taking Hollie with us, hopefully she will be interested in the monitor but we have no-one to watch her so she has to come with us.
  • we took jack with us,  not that he understood but the sonographers were all fantastic with him!
  • We took Harry when I had Bridie's.He just sat in his buggy.Think they might complain if I took all mine in now though.I'm sure Hollie will be fine.Just make sure you've got snacks/drinks/toys.They always keep you waiting
  • what a lovely pic - it's so exciting seeing that there's a proper little person in there already!

    hope your scan goes well too karen - we took Ben to sproglet's scans and he shouted 'No baby' at the monitor and tried to walk out!! image

  • Thanks Lucy! Ha ha bless him, what does he think of the baby now, has he come round to the idea. Hollie keeps walking around the house saying baby but dont think she understands!
  • We have already chatted but that pic is fab!!

    Very clear, how excited am i for you????imageimageimageimageimage

  • I know i've already told you, but i wanted to tell you again image It's a great piccie, so clear!! I bet it makes it feel so real now!

    You've made me so broody!!! John had better watch out image image image lol

    Karen good luck with your scan too

  • Sorry I missed this post. Sarah this is a great scan photo, very clear. So please for you. What did hubby think/say about it all?
    P x
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