How To Get Your Daddy Out of Bed

Matildas quite large and at the start of this week she spent her day rolling about like a little fat sausage.This week however she's learnt to sit up,crawl and pull herself up.The first we knew of the standing was her falling out of her cot.Fortunately Darren caught her inches from the floor(He was still in bed although he was supposed to be babysitting).Mattress is now at it's lowest position,but she's not done any standing since.Gave us a bit of a fright though,you think they're safe in their cot


  • its amazing how quick they move sometimes. Glad shes ok.
  • well done matilda, busy week! Glad shes ok jo, sounds like roo, and if you try telling them of they are to proud they averted the disaster to listen lol!
  • I didn't think she was tall enough so we had the base at the middle height,and she couldn't pull herself up.Fixed now though,bet he's never got out of bed so fast.She's still not pulling herself up though.She's fine though,just learning to work her Daddy
  • clever girl! lol, we didnt have to move jacks cot down until he was 1 he just layed there! never did anything in his bed, strange boy!
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