Please recommend a maternity bra!

Hi Mums -I'm looking for mums to share their experiences of feeding/materity bras. It would be great if you have a couple of different makes you could speak about.

Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to help.

Many thanks


  • when i looked at the prices of the nursing/support bra's in mothercare i rused to pay £25 for 2.i then however discovered tesco do there own and they are £5 each.i am still using them now a i am still feeding my eight month old and the bra's are still going strong.
  • There's only one favourite for me,and that's the bravado one.It's like a sports bra,very comfortable,adjustable  supportive.Its only downside is it's not pretty.

  • I did M&S nursing bras as i found them more comfy and cheap at 2 for 25pounds,mostly because thats the only other place other than mothercare i could find them. They were a nice simple design in either white or black for the basic.
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