my 8 month old won't let me go

my 8 month year old is so clingy,she don't let me do anything without screaming . her dad can be holing her and she still scrreams for me... help !!!!!


  • Aww hun! Sounds like a bit of a headache! my friend had a really clingy baby too, and after a while it did just settle down and she bonded more with her father. Generally babies do bond more with one primary care giver and they can get very anxious when parted from that person; it sounds like that is what is going on here. You poor thing though, it can be very upsetting and tiring and sure. This article recommends that for this period of time you just have to accept the clingyness and almost pander to it and accept it. Im sure this phase will end soon. Best of luck hotmama! xxx
  • I had one like that,my number 2.Nobody else could do anything.Got so bad my Dad used to go upstairs when we came round,really not on,but it was all he  could do.She even cried at her Dad if he got her up.You just have to carry on as normal,not make too much of it as best you can.It does pass in a few weeks.There was one of my husbands friends she cried at till she was two,don't know what his crime was.Now she's eight,and she's a Daddy's girl now.

    Best of luck,I'm sure it'll pass soon

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