When should my baby start tummy time - and how do I do it?

My baby is girl is now a month old and have noticed when i have her on her tummy on my chest she is already pushing up on her arms and lifting her head, i know babies are ment to have tummy time but at what age are you usually ment to start? and is it best to have their tummy supported by a pillow so that they are not laid completly on the floor so as to prevent the likelyhood of suffocation is she is completly on the floor? (as you can tell she is my first baby lol) any help would be much appreciated thank u



  • if im honest no idea of the right age but both my two hated it so  if your little ones happy encourage it, my hv did say keep it supervised i know most babies love you laying in front so you face to face, good luck xxx
  • If your baby's happy on her tummy,I'd let her have a little time that way.If you're there with her she won't suffocate.You're right there with her.A pillow is probably not a good idea.Why not lie her on a mat or just a blanket.There is a risk of suffocation with a pillow,but again if you're there with her you're not going to let that happen.

    I wouldn't leave your baby a long time on her tummy,or unattended,but I can't see a short while would hurt.

  • I started jack at 1 week old. i must say he hated it but we got there . He is now 1 so he is trying to walk but it did make him stong and boy you know it when he pulls him self up. I started doing evey 2 min then worked up till about 10 min then he started to roll . Ihope this helps .
  • mine hated it to begin with too so if your daughter loves it, encourage it, will prevent her getting a flat head and build strength up.  like the others have said just stay with her while she's on her tummy
  • My 1st daughter always slept on her tummy and so did my friend's little girl. If your baby likes it, then I would say encourage it. Its great for strengthening their neck and back muscles. Both my daughter's have been able to hold their heads up almost straight away and my 5 month old is so strong. She just wants to stand up all the time and walks when you hold her hands and stand her up.

    Encourage encourage encourage!! Try a pillow under her chest and lie down facing her for very short periods of time if you are worried about suffocation and dont ever leave her alone when she's on her front. You could just talk to her or sing little songs to encourage her to look at you.

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