Need help selecting a baby girls crib bedding set

Hello everyone, I just found a really cool baby bedding site and I need you guys to help me decide on the following design;


  • i like the fairy tale one its beautiful, can they be ordered to the uk, or was i in the wrong place as it was all in USA$ i really want it for lola, its just my kinda thing! 
  • I like the site ................

    thx for post

  • Nice site .Too many to choose.I like the Emily set,I like the colours.There's also a nice Winnie the Pooh set,and I'm not usually a big fan.

    Might get some og the jungle wall things for our playroom.

    I like this site,just how do you work out  what to pay if it's in dollars.?

  • i converted on my phone, going to have another nose around now since lola now has a bedroom and off course im doing fairys!image
  • Don't forget the light switch cover.Sad I know,but I bought them for Arthur's room(star and rockets and the like)and the girls(pink accessories as far as I got).

    Going back for another look.image

  • my sister has a fairy on her light switch its cute!

    let me know if any of you see a digger, truck building site related one please! image

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