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Can anyone remind me of approximately what age a baby stops needing help to get burps up after a feed?  I am so tired as Jack is now 8 weeks old and still feeding through the night, and  afterwards I can't get all his wind up.  He will initially do a big burp, but there is always some left that makes him very unsettled.  I would like to be reassured that things will soon settle down and i will soon be gettinga bit more sleep.   That is why i am always on the computer so early in the morning as he has been tossing about since 3or4 usually every morning.


  • I'm having the same problems with Merlin.I just can't get the wind up.Tiny babies are more difficult to wind cos they don't sit so straight as older babies and the wind is more difficult to get out.If you don't get it all out he's sick.

    I spend ages winding,we do sitting up,on my shoulder,laying across my lap,on one side which is supposed to get all the wind to collect together.All different positions trying to shift the wind.Sometimes something works,other times it takes ages.It does improve as they get older and sit straighter and it should come out easier.

    Don't know if Infacol would help,that's something I'm considering.My problem with the wind is more in the day,cos I don't have hours to sit and wind him.He either makes me late for school runs or I rush him and he's sick.

    It does pass though,they're only this tiny for such a short time.

    Hope you get some relief at night soon though,I know it's horrible being up all night with no hope of a lie in cos you have the older children to take care of,specially getting the others to school anywhere near on time.

  • lola was a nightmare for 3mnths was sick imeadiatly after a feed if i didnt carefully move her to wind, it was frustrating, and she was breastfed! when she reached 5/6mnths shed sit up after a feed do a huge burp and fall straight to sleep, jack had to have infacol or he didnt burp, hope they both settle soon x
  • Hi Audrey, if you are bottle feeding, maybe you could try one of the special venting bottles. Kate had sleeping problems because of wind, from both breast and bottle, then when we used a venting bottle it seemed to make a difference

    We used a Born Free bottle - by coincidence I wrote a little reader review of it yesterday - it's under Reviews and 'Latest reader reviews'

    If you're breast feeding that won't be much help though! Good luck...
  • I'm breast feeding, and when i think about it, he's not as bad as he was , say, 3-4 weeks ago.  saying that, he is still up during the night for a feed, which he then finds it difficult to get out all his wind after.  Then he wakens me up before 7am all smiles, after another feed of course.  the worst thing is, i don't even have to get up to take the other children to school as we are in N. Ireland and they finished school at the end of June.   So by the time they go back on 1 September, he'll probably be sleeping better and I still won't get a lie in.
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  • try colief it's a apserloute god send nothing worked for any of my boys but coleif it's fab xxx

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