First birthday - what kind of part should we have?

Hi everyone,

My daughter Ruby's 1st birthday is coming soon...3 Sept! Don't know what to do... how should I mark it? The first birthday's so special, but she won't remember it... Do I go big? Should I keep it small? Don't want her looking back on pics and thinking, 'god, what a cr*p birthday they gave me!'

 Suggestions please!


  • hi bella b - my Max is going to be 1 in Sept too! I'm thinking small for the party... too much and he'll just get over-stimulated, excited, shriek for 20 minutes, then get overwhelmed and cry and then need to have a sleep! we keep saying we're going to get close family over, and get everyone to bring a plate of nibbles for us adults, and i could do some fingerfood bits for Max and the few other kids that'll be there. we'd have a cake too - well, lots of little cakes i'm imagining piled into one big stack to look like a cake. That's the plan... may not end up working out like that though LOL! I'm learning to expect most plans to go out the window now I'm a mum!
  • hiya,

    Ive learnt 'partys' dont go down to well with alot of little ones, for my sons 1st birthday we had close family round for nibbles and cakes on the weekend and then on his birthday me and daddy took him swimming, soft play and out for dinner, all fitted around his naps and we had good quality time, it was lovely xxx

  • We just did presents,a visit to MIL,as we were living with my parents at the time,then playing with his toys.Followed by finger foods/munchies for grownups tea,and chocolate cake with Smarties.We've done the same for all of them now(minus the MIL visit),sometimes creative with the cake,Arthur's was a chocolate caterpillar cake with Smarties.

    We don't have lots of people over.My babies have never liked that.Our house is busy anyway.

    They just end up stressed and overtired.It's their day.

  • Thanks guys - really appreciate knowing I'm not being stingy by thinking "small is better". And now, a friend has said I shouldn't do cake because the sugar in the icing will make the little ones get hyperactive then have tantrums and tears!

    what kind of "cake" can you make if there's no icing?! And surely, it's not a birthday without a bit of sugar or special food?

  • ive never had any problems with little ones and cakes, they only have a tiny bit anyway!

    My brothers 1st brithday cake was topped with white chocolate, thats quite baby friendly and posibly not as sugary as icing! personally i cant see the worry if some mums dont want little one having icing just give them the sponge! You do the cake you want to, the first birthday is just about mum as it is little one, its a big special day for the two of you!

  • My Son is 1 on 1st September, we are having a party for him and 10 baby friends, as have been to other parties and both the birthday child and my son have been okay and not overstimulated. We are having it over a 4hour period to allow for nap times of the other children too, then they won't all be here at the same time.

    We are having the party the day before his birthday and then a quieter day on his birthday with just tea with our close family. Our Son loves attention though, so don't think it will be a problem.image

    ust going to take lots of photos so when he looks back in years time he will see a real effort was made for his special day.

  • I think Sophie's idea of lots of little cakes, coated with white choc (great idea Laura!) and line them up to make a caterpillar shape (thanks oldwomanwholivedinashoe!) will be spot on - easy to make, looks fun, and is kinda "finger food" for our friends' kids who are just old enough to try and feed them selves.  

    I'm beginnning to realise it's as much about me/husband celebrating being parents as it is about the Rubster  turning 1. We made it! Going to get us a bottle of bubbly to pop once ruby's day is over and she's (finger's crossed!) fast asleep.

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