New Site opinions?

Besides a new username I think it seems good- not as bad as Y&YW when it changed!

Anyone else like it? And how have you all coped this week? x


  • Not loving it just yet and yeah what is up with my user name!!! I blame BE for my increase in Ebay use, that's what I've been doing!!! x
  • I haven't made that many posts either! Has it combined my YAYW posts?
  • It will have combined your Y&YW post count with your post count from
  • BE i am not impressed at all, you have changed my user name from something annonymous to my name with uk added to it. I have an unusual name, and can now be found easily having posted things I thought were private to these threads. In my occupation this could be a real problem for me, as is the same for many other users. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!
  • personally think the site looks a bit ameutar now with a very boxy feel - not amused to have uk added to my username s had to change it. how the frick are we all going to know each other?!
  • ohh thats not good they shouldnt have did that! i really dont liek it x
  • So far it seems more useable then the new YAYW site.

    It is really easy to change your user name. Though I had email saying mine had changed to my log in name which was different yet it wouldn't let me log in with the new name but would using my display name of Calopa. On here though I had Mrs in front of it but managed to change it really easily
  • To the previous poster - you can change your username. Go to the top right of the page, click your name in the grey box to access your profile, and your username is the top field on the profile page. Once you've changed it, click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.
  • I'm finding it a bit odd just now but i am sure i will get used to it. I like the quick reply option now as you can see more of what you are typing.

    K - If you go into your profile you can change your name again.

    It's quite annoying not being able to use punctuation or stars in your username!

  • i just really dont like it - its irritating and annoying trying to navigate and i just dont like the overall 'look' of it - i really liked it before but this is going to irritate me too much to post and look through topics etc grr!
  • just noticed half of my 'posts' are missing too!!!!!!! argh x
  • I do think the reply option is better but still think its like someones first attempt at web design
  • A lot of my recent posts are missing too - which is super annoying. But I'll get over it! The new site isn't bothering me. Stuff changes and moves on. I'm always complaining when they change facebook but I have no choice but to deal with it and just get used to it!

  • I hate that my username now has UK on the end of it. Doesn't look right!

    I'm the kind of person who hates change... So surprise surprise, I'm NOT amused.

  • I have changed it now thankyou, however still think it was a bit cheeky, I didn't even get an email so it could have been like that for ages if I hadn't checked. I'm a teacher, and i know that none of the kids are that interested in me, but I think its the 'what if' that got to me.
  • All of my posts are gone! there weren't many but still!
  • Jelly tots, they have done the same thing to me and i'm furious. I've made a formal complaint. So angry x
  • Hi Lauz41uk,

    Your old post count included posts in old and deleted topics, which we did not port across.

    your count on the previous site was 1550, now it's 1169.
  • I'm not a fan - just seen how many usernames have been changed too. Am ever so slightly fuming.
  • er, INCLUDING MINE. No email though, nice one, BE!
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