Chicken Pox

Hi everyone,

I thought Henry was getting chicken pox on Tuesday - he woke up with 6 or 7 spots which are definately chicken pox spots, but he hasn't had anymore since - so does anyone know if that means he has got chicken pox or he has got it so mildly it doesn't really count?


  • not sure hun but hope he's feeling ok
  • Hi, thanks for your replies - Neve has it last year so I am certain that that is what the spots are/were. He seems fine and I think he has just had an extremely mild dose.

  • hi hun. They boys had it in August. J & Isaac got it BAD and Tyler had about 20 spots. Emily had about 5. I was told both Tyler & Emily could get it again. I hope not though.
  • He's still under 6 months isn't he? If you've had it in the past he will still be carrying immunity from you at that age, plus any extra from any breastmilk he's had, so babies that young tend not to develop it in a true full blown fashion. Treat it with calpol/cream (I hate calamine/benadryl and prefer e45 itch relief, though you should check with a pharmacist it's ok on a baby so young) and lots of oatmeal baths, I add grated apple to mine. However, be aware that a mild infection like this may not provide him with full future immunity, and if he's exposed again when he's older he is likely to catch it again.
  • Thanks thats useful to know, I will wait until he is older and then hotfoot it round my closest chicken pox sufferer!

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