Sooo... how are we all??

Other than the frustration and infuriation of the changes... how has everyone been?

Christmas is nearly upon us.

Is everyone ready??

The snow&ice had almost melted away her and yep... it snowed again!! boo!!! xx


  • ahh wow! Did they try and eat the foam?! heehee xx
  • hi,

    we're both fine... its been ages since we chatted sarah(hee hee hee) :lol:
  • Were all you know!! lol

    Can't wait for Christmas day and to see Millie's face, hope shes not too overwhelmed...think im going to have to spread things out and hold a few things back. Dont think Ava will be too fussed as long as she's fed has a clean nappy and plenty of naps! ha Were going to my SIL for dinner she is 7 months pregnant so hope she lets everyone help out.

    Its suppose to snow overnight tonight so we'll see if it has happened when I open the curtains in the morning. I hope its not too much as Im taking the girls to another christmas party at the playgroup we go to on Fridays!

  • can i reply?
  • boo i just wrote a reply and it was eaten!! image

    basically said:

    Looking forward to seeing Millie's face Christmas morning, hope shes not overwhelmed.

    Its suppose to snow here tonight but hope its not too much as taking the girls to another party at the playgroup we go to on Fridays!

    Hope your well chickadee

  • I know... We NEVER chat!! Haha!

    I plan on spreading Louis pressies out across the day. He still isn't particually fussed at nearly 22 months so we will go easy on him. Might even unwrap some boxing day and the following day too.

    Theo won't give two hoots!!

    Ooooh... I bought the boys matching suits for the wedding! And for Theo I bought 3-6months as I assumed he'd be in that size by now... He is 14 weeks today. Noooo.... He is still comfy in his 0-3. Shall I exchange them for a smaller size or just pop him in the bigger stuff??? Xx
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