Join me in the boycott

I will be leaving this site due to completely unacceptable breech of privacy.

Join me?


  • how do you mean, breach of privacy? they way they have changed usernames? mine was changed to a nickname i use for my daughter and not sure how they found that out! changed my name back now
  • I guess the op does mean the usernames, not good, it does seem to be breaching confidentiality putting peoples names up or part emails etc.

    I will not be boycotting this site as I have too many friends on here,I am annoyed though.

  • They used my full name (maiden name). My job require a high level of confidentiality and this has made me and my clients particularly vulnerable. Im so angry and considering taking legal advice.
  • I guess the op does mean the usernames, not good, it does seem to be breaching confidentiality putting peoples names up or part emails etc.

    I will not be boycotting this site as I have too many friends on here,I am annoyed though.

  • yeah mine =changed mine to my name but i just changed it again-problem solved x
  • problem is not solved, some of my old posts are still coming up with my name, after changing it
  • ems111 what was your username before? they changed mine to my YAYW name which is odd!
  • ems111 - should you really be putting up confidential stuff up on the forum? the internet is a public space you shouldn't assume that its private.

    i got an email telling me of my username change.

    the site has only been live for a few hours, not enough time for search engines to cache the pages.

    site is a bit weird in it's new layout, but i like it
  • double post for some reason...
  • TBH If you do not want partcular details known or accessed, then you should not put on your profile (where all posts can already be viewed by people who are not members anyway) such personal details when you sign up, especially when they are not required. Besides, you would be suprised how easy it is to get such personal information that people would not willingly want strangers to view off these kind of forums anyway, so just remove and change details you wouldn't want someone you didn't know to access. For all you know someone could have accessed that information prior to this forum change anyway, so best not to chance it with personal information in the first place
  • totally agree with the others if you are so vunreble then you should be more careful about the info you give when registering with a open forum
  • I always had a username which I logged in with and a display name which showed on the forums. They were two different ones. This was on here and YAYW. When YAYW changed they made my user/log in name and my display name the same - which could be why people are having idenity problems if there username/log in name had personal info etc.

    Hopefully in the next few days the gliches will be ironed out, doesn't excuse it though
  • I can see where ems111 is coming from. I posted tonnes of info about ttc, pregnancy problems, all sorts. I needed to in order to ask for advice. I don't know whether she's talking about personal details or just personal events/pregnancy related info. I wouldn't want my boss reading about certain things, but mainly because it'd be rather embarrassing! image
  • basically it looks like the site has been changed so that they can make money through advertising (despite what they say) by linking in with a big group and not to be of any benefit to us.

    hence loads of users so duplicate user names.

    i just think it was a very bad decision on the part of be and although i havent been affected by the name change (at leats i dont think i have been) as a regular user i really dont like it and cant be bothered with it all now

    so i shall join you in your boycott as i wont be posting anymore x
  • Fully support a boycott - they changed Em's username - so disrespectful.
  • ...I think it's even more disrespectful that they claim to not have known she had died.
  • oh lauz dont leave, i will miss you! xx
  • no I have to say I agree with ems - I'm not going to boycott the site, and my username has stayed pretty much the same, but my job is a similar deal with me not wanting clients to easily find my posts - yes, I choose to use the forums and put up what I do, but I have NEVER had a forum let me down before by revealing my real name or email address, when I chose a username specifically to mask those! It's bad news.
  • im just going to cancel my membership,hope the posts dissappear from google asap, never join another bloody forum, and NEVER buy their flippin magazine again.

    shame really as i enjoyed readying posts on here an getting advice on baby related stuff. i also can't be arsed with the attitude of some on here in previous posts, yes it may have been naive to use my email,but it seems that a lot of people do. if you haven't been affected, being smug about it and saying "well you shouldn't use your email. the internet is no the place for this.. blah blah blah" really isn't helpful when so many people are annoyed.

    i thought i had done all i could to protect my identity from being associated with these posts, particularly the yawy ones made 3 years ago! but the web monkeys obviously thought i should be exposed.obviously im not as internet literate as some.

    btw to all interested, they did post a warning on yayw in may about usernames being used as screen names in the transition period for that wesbite back in may ( haven't been on there for more than a year and wished i had bloody cancelled it asap). but so far i haven't been able to fine any such warning here.

    just waiting for them to get back to me about deleting my account... and i can't bloody wait as ive really had enough now!!
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