Early days of breastfeeding,

Ok,so we are gradually starting to get there with breastfeeding - although I am hoping that someone can help me with this!

Milly tends to have clusters of feeds where she'll latch on really well and suck deeply for about 10 minutes but then she'll lose the attachment, (and either slide off herself - or I take her off)and once she's off - I CANNOT get her back on again, for love nor money! She's usually still awake (not always though) but she just doesn't seem interested, and no amount of me shoving my boob in her face (I acidentally squirted milk into her eye earlier - trying to coax her on!) will convince her otherwise! But then as soon as I put my boob away - she changed her mind - and all hell breaks lose until she's back on!

So any ideas how I can get her to take one big feed, rather than lots of little ones? It is getting very annoying - especially at 3am!!!


  • Hi hun,

    You sound like you are doing a great job! I don't think there is much you can do unfortunately, the cluster feeding is their way to increase your milk supply, it won't last forever, it will past soon. I know it's difficult at 3am though!

    Great name by the way, I have a little Millie too image
  • Hi hun,

    Have you tried offering the other side? Or winding her and trying her again? She might have a little wind that needs to come up before she wants to feed again. She is still tiny and her tummy is so small she will need lots of little feeds. It will calm down soon! Just make sure you are comfy and have the tv remote in the meantime!

    I agree, you are doing a fab job!

  • I had a similar problem although my lo just used to fall asleep. I have now worked out the quickest way to get her back on is to do what most annoys her, in my case put her down, she crys, I leave her until she is quite cross which doesn't take very long then she latches again really quickly. In your case jut put your boob away if that is what it takes. Sounds like you are doing a fab job though xx
  • Some babies do just cluster feed, either at certain times of the day or during growth spurts etc! I agree with the others that you are doing really well, the middle of the night can be very lonely!! x
  • Hi I think you are doing a great job. She might need winding then try her back on.
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