10 weeks and still feeding often

My ds is 10 weeks on Sunday and I am still finding that he feeds every 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes this can be every hour such as tonight. The only time he goes longer is if we go out and he will sleep while the car/pram is in motion.

Starting to feel like something is wrong as I swear ds1 started to go longer between feeds at this age. It's not helping that ds2 hardly ends up in his Moses as I am so tired and keep falling asleep.

Really at my wits end as I need more sleep image


  • Is your LO breast or bottle fed? My friend experienced this, she was breast feeding but she started combination feeding I think mainly for the last feed of the night and her LO instantly slept for longer between feeds. Not sure if it'll help you and your situation or if its something youd even consider if you are bf-ing but it certainly improved things for her! Fingers crossed you get sleep soon!! xx
  • Felicity is 8weeks+2d , she can go 4hrs apart most of day, then the next few feeds are only 2hrs apart after! She goes 5-6hrs at night though. I think its normal and should settle soon.. She drinks varying amounts too! I will make 5oz.. And she will only drink 3.5oz for days, so I drop it to 4oz and she drains it! LOL!

    Hope our babies find there routine soon x x x
  • Have you tried making your ds wait for as long as possible so he takes more next feed and goes longer? My ds2 is 4 weeks on Sunday and goes 4 hours during the day and 5 on a night. He was going 3 hours during day but when he was due a feed a kept him entertained/walked round with him/sang to him to put him off for an extra hour, then he took more milk which lasted him the 4 hours to the next feed. It's a bit difficult for the first couple of feeds as their body clock will tell them it's time after 3 hours, but if you want him to go longer you're going to have to drag it out so he gets more milk in one feed to last him to the next. I did this with ds1 as well and he was eating every 4 hours through day and night from 2 weeks then dropped the 2am feed at 4 weeks and slept from 10pm to 6am at 4 weeks. I know a lot if people will disagree with my method but I'm a stickler for routine and could not cope with feeding on demand past 2 weeks. I am bottle feeding though so it may be harder if bf, though the principle is still the same.

    Sorry to waffle.

    Hope this helps.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel

  • I am bf and would like to continue exclusively until he self weans.

    I have tried spacing the feeds out but I don't think it's his need to have a longer feed as one night he took 5 oz of expressed milk then 1/2 an hour later feed pretty much for 1 1/2.

    Ds1 seemed to settle into a nice routine early on and slept well at night except during spurts of course and I always thought he was a hungry baby. I guess ds2 is trying to show me he can be hungrier image

    Guess I am just going to have to keep going and hope it sorts itself out soon. Hubby has told me to express a lot of milk and have a night off so going to try that soon I think.

    Thanks for the advice hv to me to wait a couple of weeks and then walked out without hearing everything I had to say. Might need to start going to another clinc.
  • I have my fingers crossed that he starts going longer soon hun. I know you want to bf exclusively, but would it be worth topping him up with a formula feed before you go to bed and see if that helps? I'm not sure it would but I've read a few posts where bf mums top up with formula so that baby sleeps longer. It may not make a difference to your ds but might be worth a try.

    Sorry I can't be more help.

  • My lo is 9 weeks and never went longer than 3 hours between feeds and that is only when we are (like you say out and about) today i'm having a PJ day and she has fed a lot more!! but her weight gain has not been great so I have now started to give her formula as well but she will only take 4 oz max and usually only 2 oz - much prefers the boob!! But i offer the formula first to get rid of the initial hunger then put her on the breast, but i am only doing this to hope that on ~Tuesday when they weigh her she has gained loads to stop me worrying!! (also I find it handy she takes a bottle because I sometimes get embarassed to fed in public although this is improving). Since introducing formula she has been better between feeds, but i like you wanted to exclusively bf, and was upset to give her formula at first, but now I don't mind especially as she prefers me image !!
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