G/C for those who had a sweep, I'm desperate!!

Hi ladies,

hope you don't mind me G/C but could do with your experiences... (bit of TMI involved here) I'm currently 40+6 and had a sweep at 40+3 when my mw found me to be 1-2cm dilated, my cervix very stretchy, it had thinned out to about hald of what is needed to deliver, my waters were bulging and bubs' head is just reasting on them (must be comfy!) Apparently my cervix being stretchy etc is ususal as this is my first baby and so mw thought it was all very promising, but I'm still pregnant :x

I've really done everything, I've used the services of my hubby several times over the last week, bounced on my ball, ate tons of oineapple been on walks etc and nothing seems to work. I understand that they're mainly old wives tales but wanted to try anyway.

I've been having BH for weeks now, and quite often they kick up a gear and I start thinking that it could be it - they were like this and I could only get comfy on my ball. I even woke up last night with fiarly strong period and back pain and yet it's stopped again!

So, my question is, if you had a sweep when did you go in to labour or did it not work for you?

Sorry for rambling, but I have no one else to ask.



  • Hi hun,

    This isn't what you want to hear but i was in a similar situation to you and got a sweep at 41 weeks, the midwife ensured me i would go into labour in the next few days! I ended up getting induced at 42 weeks!

    However sweeps can affect people in different ways and sometimes they are all you need to kickstart labour but other times they don't work.

    The only thing which might get labour started is to just keep bouncing on your ball!

    Baby might be holding out for Christmas! - sorry you probably want to punch me now for that comment! :lol: It feels like baby will never be here but once he/she does arrive all those feelings of frustration will melt away! I promise!

    good luck and hopefully baby comes soon!

  • hi hun. I went into labour 4 days after i had a sweep. They say if nohing happens in 72 hrs then its failed but tbh for me that was rubbish. I went over with all of my babies and it would have been the same this time round but I managed to pursuad MW for a sweep at 39 wks and had Emily at 39+4. it could only have been the sweep that started labour - and sex. Its not over yet hun, i will be sending loadsa labour vibes your way xxxxx
  • Hi hun, i had a sweep with dd2 at 12noon and went into labour at 7pm, if it were me id ring my MW and request another sweep today. xxx
  • hi with my first I went into labour 4 days after the sweep and second time three days after sweep. Try rocking from side to side on birthing ball rather than bouncing. Also I drank 3 raspberry leaf teas each day after the sweep with my second. Not sure what got her out. Just didn't want to go 10 days over as I had with my first.

    Good luck.
  • I had a stretch and sweep on the Friday morning and my waters broke 4am on the Sunday morning!! My mw said my cervix wasn't favourable so I was very surprised when I went into labour.

    Good luck, this wait really is the worst part but promise it's worth it!! image xxx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, I'm just feeling a bit disheartened I suppose.

    no3bump, I did consider calling my mw but I don't want to be a nuisance. I've another sweep booked for Tuesday when I'll be 40+10 and then booked to be induced on Thursday at 40+12 if bubs hasn't arrived by then so xxLadybirdxx it could well be a Christmas baby!

    My mw had said that if the sweeps going to work then it would within 48hrs so I've kind of given up hope now :x

    jennaandgracesmum I'll try the rocking on my ball instead to see if it does anything.

    Thanks again

  • dont give up hope hun, like i said mine took 4 days to work xx
  • Thanks juniemummy image

  • I had a sweep at 40+5 and I was already 3cm dilated MW thought baby would def come in next day or two...it didn't but I did loose my plug. I was induced at 40+13. Baby was breech so ended up with emergency c-section. The MW at hospital said that was why my sweep probably didn't work (no one knew he was breech).

    Ask for another sweep- you may aswell and hopefully baby will come asap!

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi hun,

    I had 3 sweeps!! They started giving me sweeps at 37 weeks because I had high blood pressure and did not want me to go overdue. The first sweep I had sounded very much like yours. I was 1cm dilated, waters bulging, could feel baby (now OLLY image) head and could stretch me to 2 cm. Felt terrible afterwards but nothing happened. 5 days later sweep 2. Was told I was 4cm dilated!! Again waters bluging and said ' see you TONIGHT!'. Then anoter 5 days later another sweep. Told I was only 3-4cm...???? and that it is very uncommon with a 1st baby to be this dilated before having any contractions! The 3rd sweep worked....yippee!!! I went into labour abour 18hours later and had my baby very quickly...from arriving at hospital he was born within 3 hours so watch out you might be in for a quick one like me lol.

    Hope bubs makes an appearance soon x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, well it's been 4 days now and still nothing so I don't think it has worked for me image Bubs is definitly not breech as had to have a doppler scan on Wednesday and head is down so it must just be a stubborn baby :lol:

    maybe the next one on Tuesday will work, otherwise I'll be induced on Thursday instead :roll:


  • ow hun, was keeping my fingers crossed - keep us updated! xx
  • huh? where did my reply go??

    ow hun im sorry to still 'see' your pg. I had my virtual fingers crossed for you. Hope the next one works. Keep us updated!! xxxxx
  • Thanks juniemummy, hopefully it won't be long before I can join you in here properly.

    I forgot to say in my earlier posts that I've lost my plug too since the sweep but bubs is obviously too comfy inside...ca't say I blame it really considering there's about 3 inches of snow outside and no sign of it stopping soon :x

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