What happens if you report all your own threads?

Right - I am pissed off. Seriously fucking mad. I want my YAYW and BE accounts deleted asap and am currently going through YAYW deleting as many posts as possible... otherwise when you google me/the first part of my email EVERY FUCKING POST COMES UP! SERIOUSLY YOU FUCKING TWATS WHY DID YOU THINK THAT WAS OK?

So anyhoo, what do you think would happen if I merely "reported" all my posts instead of deleted them... this is going to take me all day!


  • LOL at the changes they made to my swearing...
  • shall we report them for you too image if you look on the other thread they have actually broken the terms of data protection x
  • Ah so annoying! Yes report me, I was thinking of making a post saying all sorts of contraversial things to get the ball rolling!

    I have deleted as many posts as I can now mostly on YAYW. *sigh*
  • Just a thought. Could you try and remove all your details from your profile, even your email address (just change it to some crap). Sorry if youve already tried that.
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