Sleepiness...sign of teething????

my little boy is 10mth old & has been a bit off for the past couple of days now & i thought it was just teething but now im not so sure cos he's sleeping loads and i thought teething was meant to have the opposite effect!

His appetite is literally none exsistant (and has been for 3-4days), he's got a cough/cold and he had a temp of 38C last night. I gave him some Nurofen before bed and it did bring it down slightly. He went to bed at 6.30pm, which is normal for him but then he woke this morning at 6.50am with a high pitched squeal - normally he sings when he wakes up (and he has been waking at 8.30am the past few mornings, which isn't normal for him). I couldn't get him to calm down so i gave him some more nurofen at 7.10am and he was falling asleep on me (which he never does either). He slept until 8.30 and i managed to get him to take a few spoons of porridge and he took 3oz of milk, but then after being awake for 40min he started rubbing eyes again. I tried distracting him by getting him dressed, playing etc but he was just so tried & constantly rubbing his eyes/crying. He went down at 10am and is still asleep now.

I can see his 6th tooth coming through but he's never been like this when any of his other teeth have come through :?

Has anyone elses LO been like this?


Forgot to mention he also slept from 2-5pm yesterday afternoon!!
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