Early morning 'Farting' pains..

Hello GORGEOUS mummies & babies!

I was wondering if anyone had tried gripe water? Or could reccomend something to help?

Basically, Felicity will have a dream feed around 10-11pm, and go to sleep fine, then feed at 4am, sleep till 5.30am then twist and strain in her cot, crying while trying to 'fart' bless! For about 15 mins I massage her belly while she crys and farts LOADS! Then she goes back of to sleep ..

I was thinking of maybe giving gripe water at 4am feed? Would this help do you think?


  • hi i have the same issue with my baby boy image but it tends to last longer and it wakes him up, he gets so tired and unsettled then for the rest of the morning image

    i have him on cow & gate comfort milk which helps a bit, also infacol, yet to see improvement with that, and also anti colic bottles. i have gripe water here but not used it yet as hanign outa few more days on infacol.

    sorry cant help much xx
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