when did your LO cut their first tooth?

My boys all cut their firsttooth around 5/6 months. Emily is 6 months and cries alot from teething (chews fingers, dribbles lot etc) but there is no 'tightness' to the gum that you see before a tooth appeared? Im hoping it wont be too much longer as she seems in constant discomfort from it. My content baby is now a misseryguts image


  • Poor Emily.. And poor you! Eoin cut his first tooth at around 5months if my memory serves me right! Mind you.. When I worked at nursery - for 7years- there were many many children not cutting there first tooth till 9-10 months!
  • Hey ya

    LO cut her first tooth 3 weeks ago (8months old) and is now cutting her 3rd one with no4 not far behind.

    DD1 was 9months, DS1 was 6 months and DS2 was 4 months when they cut their 1st teeth.

    My mom keeps telling me I was 13 months old before I cut a tooth, and then cut 4 together image
  • I'm waiting for Olly to cut his first tooth. He's now 6 months. I can see bumps at the bottom and feel really swollen and at the top and can see 4 teeth making there way to cut through. He has been suffering for weeks now but nothing! Every morning I wish for one to ahve cut through just to give a bit of a relief...poor little man x
  • My dd (my first) cut her first about 4 weeks ago at 6 1/2 months. We had three nights of hell before I saw it on the third day. We're currently going through the same again so I have a feeling we might be seeing the second soon.
  • lo cut her bottom 2 together at 5 months and then her top 2 together at 9 months? I couldn't see anything until they were really close to breaking through?
  • bless him Glimmer. Thats the thing though, theres no swelling yet.

    Thanks for the replies ladies, so it could be a few more months then. Oh dear.
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