Baby girl jumpers!!

Went shopping.. Just wanted some jumpers for my lo, 8weeks old. Boy section - jumpers galore, girls sections- none, just outfits, dresses..

Even the cardigans were silly fancy things with 1 or 2 buttons!:-/

Only place with a few proper girls jumpers was mothercare.. With a ??15 price tag! :O

Any ideas where to find any at a decent price?


  • If you're not against the idea of second hand clothes I would try ebay, I get pretty much all of lo's clothes from there, it's not worth spending ??15 on something they will have grown out of in 4 weeks? image
  • I got my dd a gorgeous pink ribbed polo neck from Asda for ??4! It is so lovely and washes really well, i'm sure they had a few colours image x
  • primark do have some fab baby clothes - not been in for few weeks but they did have some nice jumpers and practical cardies last time I was in
  • I'll second Asda for some warm jumpers at a reasonable price too! I still have this trouble finding jumpers buying for my 2 year old girl.

    John Lewis have some nice ones but they are way pricey!!
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