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Just been reading babyexperts facebook wall, where everyone is moaning at them! Any way, people were saying it registered you with other websites.. So popped over to YAYW.. Which ive NEVER used and IM ONLY BLOODY REGISTERED, with my profile details and picture.. Everything! WTF? How do I delete it without affecting BE? And what other sites have they 'joined' me too without knowing?


  • haha me too! It says 14916 days since my wedding wtf??? Im not married and never plan to be!

    I dont know how to help hun, sorry, but didnt want to R&R. Maybe contact the mods or web ninja or whatever they call themselves these days???
  • Its not Just YAYW though, theres Company, Cosmo and all the others listed right at the bottom of the page :x
  • Yeah was just saying on the previous thread, now logged into ALL the websites at the bottom of the page... Think I'm going to delete my pic :evil:
  • The cheeky b**tards! I'm registered on all but cosmo and I've neither requested nor permissed them to register me on any other site! They will be getting a very sh*tty email regarding data protection and advising them my details need removing from the other sites, it's just not acceptable that they abuse our trust by registering us with other sites!
  • I've just checked on the YAYW site and I'm logged in there dispite having never joined that site, besides it's 10.5yrs to late to be planning my wedding.
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