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Hi ladies,

Can anyone PLEASE help me?!? My little girl is 3 weeks old tomorrow and since yesterday is not settling in her Moses basket during the day. Up until yesterday she slept during the day and night in her basket with little problem (maybe once or twice a day it'd take a while to settle her but she would settle eventually). But yesterday she didn't settle at all, all day. She'd fall asleep in our arms but she'd wake shortly after we put her in her basket. Eventually she settled at 4pm and she went back into her normal routine of sleeping and waking for a feed every 2/3 hours which was fine.... Until this morning and it's happening again and she just won't settle again. It's now 6:45 and she's snatched 30 mins here and there but wakes herself up in her basket.

Please can someone help?!? My Mum thinks we should give her a dummy. is this the answer?!? I'm breastfeeding and I thought that you should wait til at least 4 weeks to give her anything that might confuse her!!!



  • Dummies have been our absolute God send!! LO used it as a comforter and yes it also helped with daytime naps. Def worth a try. x x x x
  • Have you tried swaddling - worked for me at three weeks. X
  • Hi,

    We had this with our DS. He would wake everytime we put him down. It turns out out little one started hated sleeping on his back. He's quite a windy baby so i think it just irritated him. We ended up having to sleep him on his side (even though this isn't recommended). At 18 weeks he still sleeps on his side now, and tends to wake if he rolls on his back.

    I went through 6 weeks of trying to figure out why he had stopped sleeping in his basket, but it was something as simple as that.

    Good Luck


    Forgot to mention about BF and dummies - I BF and my LO has never had a dummy. We've tried it everynow and again but he doesn't seem to like it. As long as BF is established I don't think it would be a problem, otherwise they recommend waiting 6 weeks.
  • Hi. My LO is 11 weeks and she stopped sleeping in her moses basket very early on and would only sleep on me or my hubby. Every time we tried to transfer her to the basket she would wake up soon after whereas if we let her sleep on us she'd sleep for hours. She is breastfed and I was very relectant to use a dummy but the HV suggested we try one. Poppy wouldn't take it so we gave up. A few weeks ago someone told me to try some different types of dummy which we did and Poppy took a MAM one straight away (at 8 weeks) and has had it ever since and it's changed my life!!!! She now sleeps in her basket at night and after each feed I can put her back in with the dummy and her comfort bear and she will go to sleep. During the day she will now sometimes go in the basket and sometimes not but it's definitely got better since we had the dummy. Another thing is the comfort bear - it's one of those blanket type comforters with a bear on and we started giving it to Poppy when she was sleepy a few weeks a go and now she has it with her all the time and holds onto it - she seems to like it over her eyes when she's going off to sleep! I have it between me and Poppy when I'm feeding her so that when she goes back in her basket she can still smell me. She's 11 weeks today so older than your LO but it's definitely something I'd try if you're still having sleep issues in a few weeks.

    Good luck! xx
  • my lo went through a really unsettled week at 3 weeks, plus he is windy, we persisted in putting him back in the basket, but only after we were certain he was in a deep sleep after falling asleep on us, or after a long pram walk. now he is 5 weeks and we were still doing the same thing until my mums friend lent us an automatic rocker! it is fantastic! its a bit big and makes a noise, but its worth it for what it has done for us.

    its half price on amazon at the moment as well:
  • We also had a similar problem and it was due to wind as our LO started to develop colic at that age. We ended up sleeping on his front and side occasionalyl during the day(mentioned in another thread and I don't necessarily recommend this it's just the only way he would settle).

    As for BF and dummies - I gave LO a dummy at 3 days old whilst BF and he was fine - we used a TT Closer to Nature one and also use the MAM ones now too.

    I think it is unfortunatley a case of trial and error - LO now sleeps in his chair during the day- which is a fisher price newborn to toddler rocker so it lies almost flat but has his upper body alightly raised.

    The good news is that it doesn't last! So keep persevering and I hope you figure out what the issue is!

  • A sheepskin lining was our God send and a microwavable rabbit to warm the mattress up first was brilliant (shame it stank though!)

    We also rolled a towel up and wedged it along one side to allow our son to sleep on his side.

    Hope she settles again for you soon.

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