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whats the best way to help my baby teething

how can i help my 7 month baby with es teething ?


  • Hi hun,I had a mare with my youngest,we gave extra cuddles,and dentinox gel on a cooled teething ring. It won't last forever hun x x x

    But it's horrible for everyone,I did try powders but found the gel better for my son x

  • yeah thats what i use but my son seems to wanna chew every think when did your son get hes first tooth ?
  • Hiya hun,

    my eldest got all his teeth by 10mnths without one whinge!!!

    Whereas lola has suffered, powder, gel and calpol when its bad, Dentinox teething toothpaste seems to soooth her too, Cold cucumber carrot etc sticks from the fridge used to make lola calm. And a variety of teethers cold room temp and so on different shapes so when she got bored i could offer something different!

    this was dd favourite Mams bite and brush!

  • I did it all.I gave the powder,then the calpol,then the gel.Only at night really,that seemed to be the worst time.In the day,well they chew on their toys at that age anyway.
  • Harry, didnt get his first tooth til around 9m, he has four front ones at top now, 2 larger ones coming through at top. Bottom he only has bottom 2 middle and 2 larger ones coming through and has been teething a lot lately, he is nearly 2... really slow with his teeth, I found  Teetha powders the best and I also used cold carrot sticks but in a safety feeder when he was little so that I knew he wouldnt choke on it.  I used a GUMMY, and put teething gel on it keep both gummy and gel in fridge.   Luckily as he is older now he can be more easily distracted. 

    Good luck, horrible for them..... then the fun begins trying to get them to brush their teeth! Or let me do it.... nightmare!

  • Hi my youngest had 2 teeth at 4mth-the problems then got worse by 7mth!!!!! I just let him chew lots of toys-and tried to put gel on them sneaky!!!!

    My eldest was like Laura's Jack-he woke up with teeth-never heard a murmur,they're all so different.

    I hope things get better for you x

  • hi. im pretty new here, but i have 2 kids already - a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old. I found that giving them cucumber from the friendge to munch on or suck really helps. We never had any problems with my eldest once he got the cucumber!!
  • Hi Girls,

    I am new to this too, but i have 2 girls and with my eldest  used Aston Parsons powder which worked a treat, but woth my 2nd whos just 1 I was having a nightmare till one of my dad friends reccomended a Gel called ALOE GELLY and I can tell you its amazing not only does it work on the teething its also is brilliant on nappy rash and any dry skin, but its good for loads more from baby to adult and my dentis has assured me because it has no flouride its brilliant, my doc approves too!! Its all natural aswell!

     It is £10 but as I said before you can use it on loads of things all over the body for you or the baba!!

    I got it on a site called, under the skin care part., bit of a random web site but has fab stuff!!!

    Also the toothpaste is fantastic!! lol

    Good luck girls xxxxxxx

  • welcome to mfm emma!!

    im laura mum to jack 2.5 and lola 1!

    i swear by the aloe for nappy rash! great stuff!

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  • Generally, babies have different reactions to teething. Some takes it like a walk in the park and others get hospitalized, I am so happy to hear that none of your kids got it bad. I would just advise that although it is fairly manageable to see your dentists when your babies turn one, it would be best if you pay them a visit once the first tooth erupts. Your dentist might even help you deal with future teething! Cheers!

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