Please Help!!

i know this isnt a baby thing, (i have got a baby though, she's 13 months)

Im 17, 3 days ago i kept having like really bad pressure pains when i either coughed, moved quickerly, even sneezed, but all yesterday and today its been constant.. it just feels like a constant pressure in the middle on my head.. but i can feel that its on the inside.. i thought maybe it could have been a migrane, but i've taken tablets.. still doesnt seem to be going, now im in so much pain its unbelieveable, i have a cough to and its so tickerly but my head really hurts when i cough image

has anyone ever had this?

what do you suggest?

my docs are crap. x


  • Maybe you should call NHS direct. They are very good.

    Hope you feel better soon x

    NHS DIRECT: 0845 4647
  • thank you, i will top up my phone in the morningand ring. see if i can get to sleep i think x
  • Hi Hun,

    Could just be something like your sinuses if you already ill but defiantly give them a call to be jn the safe side, they'll normally call you straight back anyway but you can always ask them to call you back. They will still be open if you can call them tonight, but I defiantly think you should get it checked can never be too safe xx
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