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Hi ladies,

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I bottle feed my baby, and travelling home today - 40 mins away. My OH made up all her bottles as usual last night for today, even though I told him to leave some empty as we were going home for the night. Anyway, I'm wondering if I take them out the fridge and drive home, and put them back in the fridge there, do you think they will be ok? It's freezing cold here, so if they are in the boot, they will stay chilled. Just wondering what you think?

Thanks ladies xxx


  • If you use premade bottles happily, just pop them in a cool bag with an iceblock to transport then re refridgerate!
  • yeah, I would probably do it if they were in some kind of thermal bottle bag as Maenad says or with ice - not otherwise, could be a bit dodgy. Personally, I would make bottles up there as they'll have a kettle and much safer than transporting already made ones in the car - or use a carton - but that's just me and I'm a bit neurotic about these things!
  • I used to make my lo his bottles up in morning and then store in fridge for 24hrs max!! Take out when needed and warm

    When i have travelled to Grandmas have put in coolbag but in these temps think you'll find it like a fridge lol! So i would say you'll be ok i know some people like to make up when needed but have always found this way best for me
  • Thanks ladies. I stuck them in a cool bag and they were fine - probably even colder than the fridge!! I can't use cartons as she is on comfort formula for her trapped wind - i wish they made it in cartons as it's a pain in the bum to make up when we are out and about!!

    Thanks ladies xxx
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