keeps pulling away from bottle & screaming? Help please x

hey, my son is bottle fed and loves his food.

he suffers from reflux so takes SMA Staydown, but for the past couple of days during feeds he is pulling back away from the bottle and screaming, and all the milk is in his mouth and comes out etc. He is getting some, but it's very distressing at each feed.

Please can anyone shed some light? he's well winded, changed etc. thanks x


  • teeth? sounds like teething, try some bonjela before his feed, you didn't say how old he is but you can get bonjela from 8 weeks image
  • he may have a bit of 'silent' reflux too issy, the staydown will not stop acid production is tummy and babies with silent reflux behave as you describe. It could be teeth etc as well but with that history I would suggest maybe talking to his doctor about meds to help with silent reflux too eg Ranitidine and see what they think. In silent reflux the acid hurts their oesophagus when they eat.
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