mums of blw

what has your LO had to eat today?

J ust for some inspiration image


  • toast, cheese sticks, breadsticks, rice cakes, banana sticks, brocolli florets, sweet potato chips and Plum Baby spelt finger biscuits.
  • thanks, never thought of brocolli!
  • broccoli is amazing to start with! i starting putting a cheese sauce over it after a while too image

    my dd is now 14months and we did blw.. now she can eat EVERYTHING! spaghetti is the funniest to watch! hehehe!

    good luck with it all!
  • broken up shredded wheat mixed with fruit puree and greek yoghurt (spoon fed) for brekkie. Some little cheesy cracker things for a snack. 1/2 bagel with chicken, sweetcorn and mayo and a clementine for lunch. Couple of dried apricots for snack. Spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

    She is 11 months tomorrow, and pretty much eats what we eat.
  • brekkie - spoon fed porridge

    lunch - roast chicken and roast veggies

    tea - toast soldiers with root veg puree and bananna
  • Breakfast of Organix 4 grain cereal made super thick

    Lunch of toast, rice cakes, Organix spicy tomato stars, boiled egg, homemade chips, banana

    Dinner courgette, spring onion and cheese omelette, fruit pot (spoon fed), plums, cherry tomatoes

    The omelette was rejected rather rudely but everything else was only left in traces! LJ is nearly 8 months.
  • E hates egg in all forms, MM. I gave him some scrambled egg a few weeks ago and he puked it up all over me!
  • so i can give her strips of meat now? My gosh this is gonna be a scarey journey.

    Elaine & Emily

    6 months xx
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